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Get answers to your ASSIST Next Generation questions!

  • Why was there a need for an ASSIST Next Generation project?

  • Over time, and in response to its value and utility, the demand for ASSIST data has grown considerably. Transfer and articulation data have become critical components for automated admission systems, degree audit applications and other online advising tools. While the original ASSIST site and system enables the maintenance of articulation data, it does not readily interface with other systems. Updated technology is now available that will help address these issues.
  • What is the timeline for ASSIST Next Generation?

  • The Next Generation project consists of three development phases, followed by a final phase and implementation. Core Services are expected to be completed in the fall of 2013 and the final phase in late 2014.

  • What is the proposed scope for the ASSIST Next Generation project?

  • Without losing any of the current core functionality, the goals of the Next Generation project are to modernize the technology, further streamline the articulation process, and to create a more robust, extensible database that lays the foundation for future enhancements.
  • Who has been consulted on the ASSIST Next Generation project?

  • Feedback and specification requirements were gathered from a variety of ASSIST stakeholders including Transfer Counselors, Articulation Officers, Admissions Evaluators, ASSIST Technical Staff and Students.
  • Is there inter-segmental support for ASSIST Next Generation?

  • Yes. ASSIST Next Generation is being jointly funded by the University of California, the California State University, and the California Community Colleges.