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Contacting the ASSIST Coordination Site

The ASSIST Coordination Site does not provide general academic guidance for students. For information about transferable courses, contact an advisor on your campus or visit ASSIST.

ACS Telephone Numbers

E-mail - See the ACS staff pages for each staff member's e-mail address.


US Postal Service Mailing Address

Directions to the ACS

The ASSIST Coordination Site is located in Irvine, California across the street from the UC Irvine campus. When traveling either north or south on the 405 freeway:

  1. Exit the 405 freeway at Culver Drive.

  2. Proceed southwest on Culver Drive. Turn right onto University Drive.

  3. Continue on University Drive. Turn left onto Campus Drive.

  4. At the intersection of Campus Drive and Bridge Road, turn left onto Bridge Road.

  5. The ASSIST Coordination Site is located in the 8-story office building on your right side.

  6. Turn right into the parking lot.

  7. Parking is free.