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The ASSIST Information Center is best viewed with your computer's screen resolution set to 1024 x 768 pixels or higher. The screen resolution is set in Windows computers by selecting "Control Panel" and then "Display Settings." To set the screen resolution on Macintosh computers, select "Control Panel" and then "Monitor" (or "Monitor and Sound").


The ASSIST Information Center is best viewed using Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, or Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 or above for the PC or Mac. Click the icons below to go to the sites where you can download these browsers.

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Some of our documents can only be viewed with the Adobe Reader plug-in installed on your computer. If Adobe® Reader® is needed, (PDF) is displayed in the menu item or at the end of the link. This plug-in can be downloaded for free.

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Some information on the ASSIST Information Center uses the RealOne player for streaming audio and video and requires that you have the RealOne Player version 5.0 or newer or the RealMedia G2 Player installed on your computer. These are free software products which are available at Whichever RealOne Player you choose must be installed as a plug-in. There are versions available for both PC and Macintosh.

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