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Responses to the questions posted using the online chat feature during CCC Confer Public Site Demonstrations on 05/20/14 and 05/21/14. Similar questions have been combined.

  1. Do you need a login to "pin to board" for later access?

  2. Response: You do not need a login to access the board. The Pinboard feature only saves information for the current session.
  3. Where will we find the CID # listed for each college?

  4. Response: C-ID functionality within ASSIST Next Generation is still under development with an anticipated completion in October 2014.
  5. Are there advanced search features when searching by discipline under 'Explore Major'?

  6. Response: Features found within ASSIST.org Explore Majors will be available within Next Generation Explore Majors as well.
  7. (When using Explore Majors tab and searching by discipline) What is the max range (miles) that users can search for institutions?

  8. Response: The current limit is 100 miles. This might increase based on feedback from the Technical Advisory Committee and/or users.
  9. I see CSUAI, but what about UCAHI? Students not attending US high schools must meet this graduation requirement. All UCs have different requirements so it would be helpful to have a central place to search.

  10. Response: Some UC campuses now include UCAH&I information on their general education/breadth agreements. They will continue to have this option in ASSIST Next Generation.
  11. How far back will the archived information reach?

  12. Response: All course information from the current version of ASSIST will be converted into ASSIST Next Generation. Course-to-course agreements and major agreements for past years will be available in PDF format.
  13. Is there a way to view all UC transferable courses?

  14. Response: Yes, there is a "Select All" option available when viewing each of the categories under "Courses available for transfer" under the "Transfer Information tab".
  15. I want to confirm that the current assist.org will **not** go away until the new version is up and operational; is that correct?

  16. Response: Legacy ASSIST will stay up until ASSIST Next Generation is fully ready for launch (approximately June, 2015).
  17. A recommendation for the font colors: the current color makes the type difficult to see. Black works much better than grey. I think this should be addressed. Will ASSIST Next Gen be accessible to screen readers? Will this be accessible for students with visual impairments who use screen readers?

  18. Response: This is an area that Governet will continue to assess and address with regard to ensuring Section 508 accessibility compliance.
  19. It would be helpful to also display the long name of the prefix when displaying UCTCAs.

  20. Response: Governet will look into making this change.
  21. What is the function of the Pinboard? Is it printable? Is it easy to print from the Pinboard?

  22. Response: The Pinboard acts as a "shopping cart" for users; they can store agreements there for comparison or printing with the click of a few buttons. The agreements are only stored during the current active session.
  23. Will there be an option for users to download C-ID information for all colleges? What is the projected timeline for C-ID availability in ASSIST Next Gen?

  24. Response: C-ID functionality is scheduled for Phase 3 ASSIST Next Generation development in October of 2014.
  25. Will there be a way to e-mail agreements to students?

  26. Response: The print function, in addition to physical printing, allows users to save agreements as PDFs, which can be attached to e-mails outside of the system.
  27. When using the side-by-side comparison feature to view information about multiple campuses, if the current year for one of the campuses is not available, will ASSIST Next Gen default to the most current agreement?

  28. Response: Further review of this functionality is scheduled for Phase 3 ASSIST Next Generation development in October of 2014.
  29. Does ASSIST Next Gen interface as a mobile application?

  30. Response: Mobile development will not be complete prior to the launch of ASSIST Next Generation and is not part of the development plans at this time.
  31. Is ASSIST Next Gen built using web services? If yes, are services available to institutions to build clients to download data directly rather than through the website?

  32. Response: Yes, web services will be part of the development of ASSIST Next Generation and will be in place prior to launch (C-ID is an example). We'll try to provide more updates as they become available during the next development phase.
  33. Can there be an option to use ASSIST Next Gen prior to the shutdown of Legacy ASSIST? This would help with the transition to the new version.

  34. Response: We are committed to providing more than adequate training so that you will feel comfortable using ASSIST Next Generation. We are in the process of coming up with our training plan and you will have ample opportunity to receive training on ASSIST Next Generation before you have to use it with students.
  35. Is there a place where those courses that meet the American History and Institutions requirements are listed?

  36. Response: After selecting an institution from the ASSIST Next Gen homepage, click on "Courses available for transfer" on the next screen. Users then have the option to view several categories of transferable courses for the institution they chose, including those that meet the American History and Institutions Requirement (currently, "CSUAI Approved Courses" on ASSIST Next Generation).
  37. Will all majors at each institution be listed or only majors with articulated courses? (Students tend to limit their choices to majors they see on ASSIST).

  38. Response: Through the Explore Majors option universities will have links to those majors accessible on their websites that may not be within ASSIST.
  39. Will there be a way to modify old agreements once converted to PDF format?

  40. Response: Once the final conversion is complete (approx. Jan. 2015), data contained in the PDFs will not be changed.
  41. Is there a way to search for all CCC courses articulated to a specific CSU or UC course? (e.g. all classes at CCC articulated to PSYC 2 at University X)

  42. Response: There is no function like this built into ASSIST Next Generation yet. However, this functionality might be something that can be built during the development of the reporting options for ASSIST Next Generation.
  43. Can CSU PeopleSoft Campuses download articulation agreements or transfer information to load their individual databases? Will ASSIST Next Gen interface well with degree audit software such as DegreeWorks?

  44. Response: A goal of ASSIST Next Generation is to progress towards as much "datafication" as possible so that users will have access to more robust extractions that can synergize well with their in-house systems.
  45. Will there be a training workshop on ASSIST Next Gen at the fall CSU conference?

  46. Response: ASSIST staff are coordinating with the CSU and UC representatives on the Executive Management Oversight Committee to provide an ASSIST Next Generation public site demonstration at the Fall 2014 CSU and UC Counselor Conferences. Wide scale training will be offered in early 2015.
  47. Many students like seeing the location of the colleges on the CA map on Legacy ASSIST. Will that feature be available somewhere in ASSIST Next Gen?

  48. Response: Under the Explore Majors Tab, users can choose to "Explore by Institution" at the top. Clicking on this link pulls up a map showing the location of all the CSU and UC institutions via Google Maps.
  49. Where are the private universities listed in ASSIST Next Gen?

  50. Response: ASSIST only provides articulation information with regard to California public higher education systems.
  51. Will there be ADT articulation agreements posted with the CSU in ASSIST Next Gen?

  52. Response: The scope of AA-Ts and AS-Ts within Next Generation has not been determined at this time.
  53. Will the new version of ASSIST show the courses that CSUs use for each GE area (e.g. ENGL 114 @SFSU for Area A2?)

  54. Response: This had been considered but at this point it is not part of the initial development cycle. It may be an option for updates post production.