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ASSIST GIF Images for Web Sites

The GIF images on this page can be downloaded and placed on your campus's Web pages. These images are provided to help you bring attention to ASSIST and to give users an easy to recognize image that they can click on to go directly to ASSIST.

For graphics that can be used in your campus's general catalog and schedule of classes, click ASSIST Logos for Printing.

HTML Code for GIF Images

The html code that allows users to click on these images to go to ASSIST can be copied when you view the source code for this page. The person who maintains the Web pages for your campus will know how to copy the images and html and place them on your Web site. An example of the html that should be copied is shown below. This is only an example since the file name and image size (width and height) will vary for each of the images.

<A HREF="" TARGET="_top"> <IMG SRC="images/graphicname.gif" WIDTH=## HEIGHT=## BORDER=0 ALT="Click to start ASSIST"></A>

Describing ASSIST and Articulation Agreements

The descriptions of ASSIST and articulation agreements below are provided for you to copy and place on your campus's Web site along with the ASSIST images or anywhere you would like to include this text.


As a prospective transfer student, it is important to make sure that the community college courses you take are acceptable to the university for transfer credit. ASSIST is California's official statewide repository of transfer information for the CSU and UC university systems, offering easy access to a single database of course transfer information. ASSIST will help you determine if you will receive credit for courses you've already taken or plan to take and how those courses will apply to a specific academic major or general education requirement.

Articulation Agreements

Articulation agreements identify coursework completed at one institution that meets the requirements of another institution for major preparation, general education, or transferable units. Most articulation agreements are between a community college and a university, but there are also agreements between universities. Articulation agreements are agreed upon by both institutions involved in transferring course credits.




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