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ASSIST Logos for Printing

The ASSIST logos below are provided for you to use in your school's printed materials, such as course catalogs, brochures, and any transfer-related information where you think it is appropriate.

These logos are encapsulated postscript (EPS) files. They can be placed on a desktop published page the same as any graphic file. They will print well from any postscript printer and are suitable for use in documents printed by a professional printing service. Several sizes of each graphic are provided, but you can resize them to suit your needs. In most programs, holding down [Shift] when dragging to a new size will maintain the graphic's proper proportions.

Do not use these files on your web pages because they are larger in file size and take longer to download than GIF images. ASSIST graphics for your web sites are provided on the ASSIST Animated Logos page of the ASSIST Information Center.

To download these ASSIST EPS files, click the link you want to use and either open the file or save it to your hard drive. Do not right-click the links since this will not give you the correct options for downloading the file.


Color Logo

Black and White Logo

Color Bug

Black and White Bug

Color Logo Small

Black and White Logo Small

Color Bug Small

Black and White Bug Small

Color Logo Medium

Logo Black and White Medium

Color Bug Medium

Black and White Bug Medium

Color Logo Large

Logo Black and White Large

Color Bug Large

Black and White Bug Large